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my career as a corporate employee and independent contractor has comprised a variety of analysis and management positions in which I've positively transformed customer organizations by coordinating numerous Lean Six Sigma / Kaizen facilitations in large and small businesses across multiple manufacturing and service industries. 


Please take a moment to review my short bio below to give you some insight into who I am, where I come from, & how my history can better shape our future together. 

 I'm Mark Reid


A native Oklahoman, Mark is a family man with his wife, three children and one grandchild.  Graduating from Oklahoma State University with a Science Degree, he then served in the U.S. Navy achieving the rank of Captain over a career consisting of multiple  Shipboard and Shore tours, retiring in 2009.  Mark is a Life Member of the Reserve Officer’s Association (ROA) serving twice as their Oklahoma President, and a long time board member and currently Chair of the American Society for Quality (ASQ) Oklahoma City Chapter.  In his community, Mark's been a little league coach and a former member of the Midwest City YMCA Board of Advisors.  He's also served as a Boy Scout Troop Assistant Scoutmaster, and has served as Elder, Deacon Chair and Property Manager on the Church Executive Committee.

My work experiences:

•Independent Contractor – Program Management & Manufacturing CPI

•Program Manager – Independent Verification & Validation for Transformation

•Corporate Manager - Quality Assurance & LEAN Six Sigma Projects

•Director – Quality, Safety & Environmental for Maintenance & Repair Programs

•Section Manager – Systems Program & Logistics Support

•Program Coordinator – Logistics & Supply Chain Management Support

•Technical Reports Manager – Systems Testing Analysis & Reporting

•Design Specialist & Engineer – Operations Research & Simulation

DBS facilitates your success by eliminating the anxiety, frustrations and the lack of enjoyment in your business due to ongoing problems & challenges.


Let's meet to determine a plan of action that will solve your problems to improve your business so that it operates more efficiently yielding increased productivity and profitability.



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