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  • Performance Audit & Improvement

  • Operational Risk Assessment 

  • QHSE Program Evaluation

  • Management & Workforce Training

  • Interim Management



Datum seeks to significantly enhance productivity and profitability by creating a WIN-WIN solution for Management and the Workforce; identifying and solving both the known and hidden quality problems, inefficiencies and wastes that cripple businesses.

Datum Business Solutions (DBS) exists to significantly increase client profitability via exponential performance improvement by becoming a recognized “trusted agent” for business owners and investors requiring transformational improvement



[ˈdādəm, ˈdadəm]


data (plural noun)

•  A piece of information. See also data.

•  An assumption or premise from which inferences may be drawn. See sense datum. 

•  A fixed starting or reference point for a scale or operation.


Does the phrase "We Don't Know What We Don't Know" strike a cord?

Are you confident of your performance, that your processes are efficient and waste free?

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